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New Semester, New Space: How To Make Your Apartment Feel Put Together

You’ve finally unpacked your things, filled your closets and cupboards, and given everything a thorough cleaning. Now it’s time for the best part – decorating your new home. With so many home decoration options out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Ikon Athens has helped narrow things down for you with this list of ways to make your apartment feel put together.

Experiment With Succulents

You may have seen small, potted plants with thick, green leaves in other people’s apartments. These water-retaining desert plants are called succulents, and they’re a great way to add some style and greenery to your home. While most succulents are hardy, thrive indoors, and don’t need much watering, it’s important to do your research before purchasing one so you know what specific type of care your plant requires.

Spread Out a Rug

Simple and cheap yet classy, a small throw rug is a great way to pull together any room. Even if your floor is already carpeted, a rug can add a splash of color and character to your living space. Make sure to choose one that’s easy to clean or vacuum.

Throw Some Pillows

Throw pillows don’t just give you a comfy place to lay your head or feet after a long day – they’re also a great way to make your bedroom or living room look put together. Match the colors of the pillows with your walls or carpet, and arrange them on your couch or loveseat. Your home will look both cozy and welcoming.

Turn On Some Lights

Whether it’s electric candles or hanging lamps, adding a creative light source is a great way to make your living space look brighter and more inviting. You can even experiment with clear or colored lampshades to take ordinary table lamps to the next level.

Add a Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to draw attention and pull together a room – especially if it’s a hanging mirror. Think of it as a constantly changing piece of artwork. You may want to ask some friends or roommates to help you hang it up, but once you do, you’ll be sure to appreciate the difference it makes.

We hope these ideas gave you a good starting point for a few ways to make your apartment feel homey and inviting. For more home decor and general lifestyle tips, check out the Ikon Athens blog.


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