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A man studies on his computer and takes notes while drinking coffee in a coffee house

Mix Up Your Routine with These 3 Great Study Spots


As you enter a new school year at the University of Georgia, you know how important it is to have that Bulldog tenacity that will help you focus on your studies and meet your academic goals. However, we also know that keeping up with class work can get monotonous. Lucky for you, Ikon Athens is not only close to campus, but also downtown, as well as several nearby locations that are perfect for a few hours of studying. Here are our top three favorite places for when you need a change of scenery!

Where Can I Go to Get My Caffeine Fix?

Sometimes studying requires a little something extra to get you through those last few pages of notes: a nice cup of coffee with enough caffeine to make you feel bright and alert. Head over to Hendershot’s on Prince Avenue, and you’ll immediately understand why this is one of the most popular study spots for Bulldogs. It’s quiet, dimly lit, and has lots of overstuffed antique chairs perfect for relaxing while balancing all those books and class notes.

 I Need Fresh Air While I’m Studying – Where Can I Go?

There are lots of beautiful places on the University of Georgia campus if you don’t want to go far, but if you don’t mind a little traveling (just about four miles), then check out the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, which is run by the university. Take a blanket and find a shady nook in which to crack open your books, or set up a hammock just off the garden’s trails, near the Oconee River. And when you find you need a break, you can take a walk through the different gardens and relax, re-energizing yourself for your next round of studying.

Where Are the Best Sweet Treats to Motivate My Study Habits?

If you need a little sugar high to keep you going – or as a reward for all your hard work – check out Donderos’. You’ll find classic, delicious treats on their menu like pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. And if you need something with protein to keep up your mental stamina, try their hummus and vegetables, or chicken salad.

If you want to keep exploring all the best places in Athens for work and play, head over to our neighborhood resources.


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